2sday Epiphany

I had an epiphany about the importance of making notes after Tuesday, 2/22/22.

The story starts when I got into journaling around ~16 years old, I had self-actualized through writing and getting to know myself. I developed some solid ideas, tapping into metaphysics and self-design with questioning meaning and existence.

At some point, I stopped, and so my being lingered..

Certain events would repeat, thoughts would loop, and songs would sound the same.
Naturally, there’s always a progression, but I would always wonder why I still felt like I was ~16.

My recent discovery of modern note taking apps got me back into writing and making notes. These apps are only beginning to exist; I couldn’t have started any sooner. After writing for a while, I noticed something subtle that lead to the epiphany.

I didn’t feel like I was ~16 anymore. I wondered, why? It seemed like such a random condition.

I noticed, my energetic being is directly affected by my conscious effort to design myself.

I mean, I’ve been working on most of my postures for years now.. Why did this feel so deep?
I stopped writing when I was ~16, and so, my idea of myself stopped growing.

Making notes about myself is developing the idea of myself.

If writing is thinking, then more writing is better thinking!

And then the epiphany happened.

I thought, “If my being remained since the last time I made notes, and some people don’t take any notes outside of what a teacher puts on a board, then I can see the “institutionalizing” effect, disconnecting people from their inner child.”

Being forced to take notes. Forced to read certain literature.
I’m not sure about you, but I rarely felt inspired to read or learn. My thoughts didn’t have a place to expand or develop without writing. And so, people are trained to live a certain way and not think for themselves, operating out of order and routine that was established with “education”.

My profound love for learning that I feel now that I know how to learn, has me feeling frustrated about the way people are conditioned and not offered anything to rebalance the mind.
I was never taught how to make notes..
I was certainly taught how to take notes.

I can imagine, people living through their whole lives and passing away with the last notes they took as stuff from college or school, if they got to take any notes at all. Some still can’t get education.

Making notes are simple and anybody can do it.

So, I’m studying how, to make this a reality. Anyone across the globe should get to develop their mind and their essence.

Especially if automation is taking away so many jobs, what else is there for us to do?

Let’s find out!

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