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Fully featured, all-in-one Idea Execution Funnel solution. Supporting Notes and Tasks with calendar support.

Based on their principles, they are clearly not the average notes app.

For almost all our users, Amplenote ain’t their first, or second, or third, rodeo. The average Amplenote adopter comes to us with a long list of other notetaking apps they tried before they finally heard about us in some distant corner of reddit. Because of this experience, they’re keenly aware of the pain that has historically accompanied changing from one productivity app to another. They remember each time they’ve been burned.

I haven’t found many YouTube videos about Amplenote. They have slightly more coverage than UpNote, but still not much more than program tutorials.

They seem very unpopular, and the common choice dismisses this app for not having a free plan. They actually do have a free plan, if you ask them for it.

This app is entirely underrated.


  • Backlinking
  • Image search and text extraction
    • I can take photos of my handwriting and it (mostly) accurately extracts the text from the writing.
    • I can make notes from instruction manuals and other reference material
  • Idea Execution Funnel Workflow
    • I can have a place to confidently capture fleeting thoughts in Jots -> expand and elaborate the ideas in Notes -> develop actionable Tasks to accomplish -> schedule them in the Calendar -> manifest ⛳ flow
  • Supports Backlinking
  • Mobile Apps


  • No “Mobile Share” option (cannot easily add attachments to notes from outside the app)
  • No Folder Hierarchy (messy exporting - all or nothing)

Tagging and Backlinking are the primary means of organization with Amplenote.

At first, I was turned off by the lack of folder hierarchy, but once I started using it, I realized that I sort the notes by making tags. Nested Tags basically simulate the folder experience. As I create the note, under the title, I can tag it. Something like #projects/secondbrain/apps would provide me the means of organizing this note as I would with folders. Exporting is all-or-nothing, though, if you want internal links to work. Thankfully, they do actually work.

After using extensively to research apps, I genuinely chose Amplenote for my Integrated Thinking Environment. I later found out, that they had hired a professional researcher to conduct a study on the most popular note apps. Amplenote had paid for an unbiased review of itself and competing applications. Full respect. ✊

They also had some nice data to make sure their app is the best, but I would do the same thing 🤷

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