What does it mean to be “Connected”?

Everything is Connected.

~ Like a Fractal, Infinitely Evolving ~

The equipotential lines for iteration towards infinity - By Gert Buschmann - Original work, Public Domain

Everything is derived from a unified whole. Some identify this whole as “God”, “Source”, “The Universe”. No matter the identity we associate with it, the nature remains the same.

Everything is a piece of a Higher Dimension.

Perhaps, it could be the Sixth Dimension that connects everything we know, creating a sense of flow, a continuous existence. If, Time is experienced linearly, like a vector, and we assume the Pattern of Dimensions, then 5D is certainly consciousness, as represented by the Hawkin’s Scale, relative to a square in dimension. Indefinite stacks of this dimension, forming a relative perception of a cube, seems like the container for a collective consciousness.

Based on this pattern, there is likely, “A collection of collective consciousness”, a collection of that, and so on.. Logic would say that we’re not equipped to experience anything beyond the 10th dimension.

What about “nothing”?

Quantum research is in pursuit of this question. And, The classic double-slit experiment can offer some clues here.

Light interacts with itself. The Intermodulation of waves creates the perceived experience.

Like musical notes played together, forming a chord. The perception of this chord is different than the sound of the notes on their own.

Life is a Symphony of frequencies being played together as a moment. “Nothing” is just a moment of rest, when all the frequencies have stopped playing for a time.

  • Is this even possible? Our lives are a single, continuous phenomenon that is experienced linearly by our experience of Time.
  • We can only assume that there is always at least some being living to maintain the flow of our ever-evolving moment that is existence.

This is just what Timoy thinks about it.

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