Define perspective

Shaping Reality

Life is experienced through the conditioning of perspective.

The Creative Aspect provides the ability to define perspective. Otherwise, life is merely a result of the conditions endured. This is still the reality of it, that Fate is otherwise predetermined. The choice that humans hold toward free will is only the ability to Define Perspective.

Defining Perspective is the Art of Tuning Living Frequency

Like musical instruments, living Beings can be tuned to “sound” more harmonious with the world around them.

The “A” note at 432hz is a “universal tuning”, naturally resonant with the planet Earth.

A possibility with the commercial de-tuning of “A” to 440hz could be involved with harmonizing music with the new sound of industrial machines. The hum of machines in a factory may have proved to be more harmonious with specifically 440hz; so, as the industrial revolution took hold of our human culture, modern music was recorded with this tuning.

From our current position, we cannot know the true sound of music played and written before the age of audio recording. I can only assume that it was tuned with 432hz, as that was what felt right in the ears.

I think, de-tuning music has resulted in the common desensitization of our Interoception. This is observed with alarming rates of obesity, heart disease, anxiety, and depression.

People hold the responsibility of Defining Perspective to shape reality.

We can apply the Creative Aspect in daily routines toward shaping optimal realities. We can at least try and make the best of it.

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