You have arrived here!

What’s going on here?

Is this even a place?

This is a typed string of characters, commonly known as letters, that develop words you can hopefully understand. If you cannot, perhaps a translation of this is available.

What happens if you know what this is? A metaphysical connection is developed: from this ideation to your understanding. This connection is what creates our perception of reality.

Three-dimensional rendering of Julia set using distance estimation - By Gert Buschmann - Original Work, Public Domain

I’m growing a few ideas here in this “garden”.

Check out some topics I’ve written about!

Humans, Beings, Metaphysical Phenomenon, and Connection.

Go on a Journey.

Ask the inner child.

Define Perspective and Explore!

This is only the beginning.

As I develop myself and my ideas, we can watch them grow here, in this Digital Garden.

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