An event, something happening, “a place in time”

Beings of the 3rd Dimension experience single entities of the next dimension, Time as “moments”.

From a metaphysical perspective, a phenomenon is a single entity existing with a Dimension. It’s anything that can be recognized from any possible perspective.

From a Human perspective,

Each is a phenomenon of their own dimension. Energy existing within that plane of existence.

The visible light spectrum is such a small portion of possible energies, there is constant phenomena happening within and around us that we’ll never possibly get to perceive and experience.

We can adapt to sense more energies, developing new senses to experience more phenomena. Eyes were invented in our biological timelines long ago, and some living creatures don’t even have them yet.

In my opinion, the purpose of life is to experience all phenomenon. Life continues until all possible outcomes are experienced. Since, possibilities are infinitely expanding, life is theoretically infinite.

We’re simply riding our time while we’re alive, before the wave curls and another soon forms again.

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