Phase 2 in the Idea Execution Funnel

Organize & Revise

Notes are the sweet stuff. Making the jelly. After we’ve gathered all the fruits in Jots, it’s time to make some pie. This is the baker’s zone, the cook’s kitchen, the kombucha’s SCOBY. Ok maybe it’s a little ambiguous to whether this step is all Organize or if it includes part of Distill in CODE or if Tasks is really Distilling. 🤔 The “revise” part would lead me to believe that this is “distill”, but if I associate one phase per phase in CODE, then 💭 (perhaps I’m combining phase 1 & 2 here right now) Anyway, Backlinking is an essential part of note-taking and is integral with revising information efficiently. A proper notes app should be able to seamlessly recall relevant information without reprocessing it. Providing backlinks is (to me) the easiest way to expand ideas.

Potential “Notes” apps include:

  • Obsidian **
    • Strong Plugins & Customization with workflow
      • The limits to this app are bound by the imagination 💭
    • Encrypted Sync
    • Easy to use and make useful
  • Joplin **
    • Open Source
    • Easier to use - more straightforward formatting options
    • Web Clipper
    • End-to-End Encryption Sync
    • -only one without full Backlinking (relies on plugin support - not available on mobile yet)
  • Amplenote **
  • Craft (iOS) **
  • Logseq
    • Works with local markdown files, just like Obsidian
    • Block Based - Different viewing capability than Obsidian
  • RemNote **
    • Like Roam and Logseq
    • Has Mobile Apps! (iOS currently in alpha)
    • Robust & Secure
    • Spaced Repetition (Flashcards) for easy learning
  • Roam
    • “That Backlinking app”
    • $15 / month
    • No Mobile Apps
  • Zenkit
    • Custom data types for robust queries and data flows
    • Hypernotes supports Backlinking - is known to be easier to use than Obsidian
      • Can apply these notes across the Zenkit Suite for more applications
  • Notion
    • Well documented and easy to use
    • Fully Featured all-in-one suite
    • Encrypted Data
  • Anytype **
    • Game-changer application. So many new possibilities.
    • I highly support their vision, “de-siloed data” and privacy.
    • -currently Alpha access only

** Recommended

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