Second Brain

What is a second brain? 🧠

A repository of information gathered and organized, like a human brain. We humans have an exponentially increasing rate of technology. Our monkey brains were not built to handle this explosive rate of change. Surely, we can adapt, to an extent.. So, here, we propose the Second Brain! An accurate collection of knowledge and information.

They say,

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them..” - David Allen

What if we had a place to store anything we think of and be able to recall it, even making new connections, instantly? I mean, storing it, maybe wouldn’t be so instantaneous yet, but, as “Journaling” goes, recording is the process itself, and recording in to a consistent location, allows for consistent growth in value.

Keep living, keep creating! Store the memories in a safe bank, to be easily accessed when needed.

Build a living off this same bank and live an easy, prosperous life 💭

What’s a brain to do without a Body?

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