Standard notes

Standard Notes

Official Website

A very secure, simple Notes app.

With a reputably strong privacy statement and informative article about Why Encrypted?


  • Strongest encryption protocols
    • Arguably the most secure
  • Mobile support
  • Cloud Sync
  • Open Source!



  • Free
    • Plain Text Editor
  • Core - $4.99 / month - $29 / year
    • Rich Text Editor
    • Markdown Editor
  • Plus - $9.99 / month - $79 / year
    • Nested Tags
    • Custom Web Domain for a Blog
      • Ultra-Convenient way to publish ideas online
    • Tasks and To-Dos
    • Code
    • Encrypted Files
    • Email & Cloud Backups
      • Encrypts the data client-side which is great
  • Pro - $14.99 / month - $119 / year
    • Spreadsheets
      • This is great for running a business 💭
    • TokenVault (2FA Authorization App)
    • Unlimited Note History

They do have a strong philosophy, stating:

What if I can’t afford the price of the paid plans? Standard Notes can help users achieve higher efficiency and better quality work through the range of tools offered. However, we realize that excluding those who can’t currently afford the price we deem sustainable can lead to a sort of “efficiency impoverishment” cycle, where those without the financial means to acquire best-in-class tools are locked in a place where they can’t produce best-in-class work.

Good to see that there are companies out there for the good of our world. ❤️

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