Phase 3 in the Idea Execution Funnel

A helpful catalyst between “things” and “done” in GTD.

Plan & Prioritize

If it can be done, it can be broken down into tasks. Everything that happens has steps along the process of it happening. Tasks are the steps that an idea takes to reality. “one day I’ll get around to…” is a task that can be written down, tracked, and best of all, completed.

Along with Jots, this step should be as frictionless as possible. All the lube we can get, but without slipping. Let go of a digital planner for a week and its anxiety town on overdue lane. If every thing is scheduled, and any thing happens not on schedule, its a mess. So, tasks should be easy to come by and easy to go through.

There’s a part of me that feels totally debased if I have to add “take a shower” to my schedule, but frankly, I might not do it if I’m not reminded of it..

Enter: Tasks!

Phase 3 along the ideation process, but is also an integral aspect to living in general. Getting out of bed is a task. Regardless of one’s habits, making good ones easier are key to keeping the habits strong. A catalyst in providing order and structure to any chaotic lifestyle, tasks can be the difference between a dreamer and a boss.

Potential “Tasks” apps include:

  • Amplenote **
    • Only Notes & Tasks App ** Game-changer.
    • Sorts tasks by score for easier prioritizing - develops score on urgency
  • Todoist
    • Stronger free plan than TickTick - can hold more tasks.
    • Better for Teams
    • -Export is a paid feature 😫
  • TickTick
  • Zenkit **
    • Great for teams and Projects - Features the Zenkit Suite
    • Very Satisfying to complete tasks (has sub-divided progress bar for sub-tasks)
    • Most expansive free plan
    • Dynamic data entry (Fantastic for Projects / Business)
  • Dynalist (sort of)
    • Can integrate with Google Calendar for paid plan
    • Supports backlinks, but isn’t as strong as a Notes app.
  • Trello
    • Kanban Boards - Ok for Teams (not the most private)
  • Nirvana **
    • Built for GTD.
    • Perpetual License

** Recommended

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