Why make an Integrated Thinking Environment?

“Why would anyone need an Integrated Thinking Environment?”

To create a Source of Truth.

[I’ve created] one source of truth.. Obsidian, and everything I keep in Obsidian is a representation of my world.. And its the same thing for all of you and anybody who’s managing knowledge in these apps. It is a dynamic representation that helps you think about your world, organize it, and then use that to change the world around you.

What is it good for?

To represent “Thinking” in these systems.

By managing a Source of Truth and dynamically drawing from that to do all sorts or things, one reduces the need to have Cognitive Capacity. One does not have to “wonder” what to do, they have already derived the truth and organized it to be easily referenced.

The goal is to reduce the amount of effort it takes to get started and working on what’s necessary.

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