Official Website Founded: 2020 at MIT

“Our Three-Part Commitment”

TL;DR: RemNote is here to stay. You can count on that - and us - to be your note-taking tool for life.
Data Ownership: You own your data - always. You’ll be able to export all data in its raw state and import it to another tool.
Free Access Guarantee: We’ll always provide a feature-rich, free-for-life version of RemNote. Current users will never be asked to pay for any feature they’re already using, in the feature’s current state.
Guaranteed Access Clause: In the extremely unlikely event that RemNote ever winds down (don’t worry - we are 100% committed and will be here for the long-haul), we will release all code into an open source project. You could run the RemNote desktop app and/or the open source community could host RemNote independently.
We are 100% committed to you and development of this tool. Period.

This app reminds me of Logseq but more focused on Spaced Repetition - Flashcards. This app will greatly help learning ability while feeling great using the app. The interface is smooth, yet snappy and feels the most lush of any note apps available.


  • Notes
  • Backlinking
  • Tasks
    • Due Dates
    • Images & Video
    • Global Task View
    • Sub Tasks
  • Custom CSS
    • Configurable Panes
  • Beautiful GUI with Smooth animations
  • Markdown
    • Import & Export
  • Auto Cloud Sync
  • PC & Android (iOS coming soon)
  • Note Sharing via URL
  • Web Capture
  • Transclusion (Portals) - Embedding notes in other notes


  • Free
  • $6/month Pro
  • $300 perpetual license with 5 years cloud storage


You own the content you put into RemNote. RemNote does not share, sell, rent or otherwise distribute information you enter in RemNote to others, unless required by law enforcement. RemNote employees do not view your personal data and will never ask for your password to do so.

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