Bi-Directional Links

Yes, we like our links to be fluid. Seriously. This note itself would be completely irrelevant to anything if it weren’t for Bi-Directional Links.

This wonderful world of technology that lives with our brains is finally accessible in plain-text format.

A Backlink is simply a “bi-directional, internal link” from another page.

  • Backlinks are Incoming Links made from Outgoing Links on other pages.
    • Outgoing links are displayed in-line with text and could be just “Cross-Note Links”.

Think about “going back” to the previous page, using the same link that brought you to that page.

Considered to be an essential feature in modern note taking apps.

Not to be confused with “Cross-note Linking”. Those are only uni-directional links; they only work going one way. These are generally used with Wikis. Backlinks can tell you which notes are Connected to each one and can support a Graph View: a visual display of the note networks. Websites can feel crowded when backlinks are displayed with each node of information, depending on how many links there are.

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