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A full utility suite, designed to offer products for every step along the Idea Execution Funnel Every app integrates easily with each other, and when used together, offer a “full solution” to the ideation process.


The original Zenkit platform. Supporting lists that are displayed in various views, including kanban, table, and mind-map views. Feels like a more robust version of Trello.


The Zenkit take on note taking. Using the Backlinking concept from Roam and then Obsidian, it is a worthy modern note taking app.


Team management and communication, like Slack. Helps everyone involved stay in the loop about specific ideas.

To Do

A simple, yet robust task manager. It is a solid competitor in the Task Manager market, and sports the advantage of being easily connected to the rest of the Zenkit suite.


Very similar to their Base app, it packs a load of feature updates to Base, specifically in the Project Manager direction. Works well with managing tasks around ideas to help make them happen on time and efficiently.

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